As a student I would struggle to get the money together to get an iPod, so I decided to carry out some research into how this offer would ever be possible if I was to try and get a free iPod.

This was one of the smartest things I ever did! I stumbled across the solution as to how these giveaway websites are able to giveaway gifts for free, such as a free iPod or even a free iPhone. They use a form of marketing known as affiliate marketing to pay for the free gifts that they then send to you with free delivery too.

Basically, getting your free iPod is a matter of following these simple steps...

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Hold on! How can FreebieJeebies afford to send me a Free iPod?

Remember before when I explained that FreebieJeebies use affiliate marketing to pay for your free iPod? Well, let me give you a small demonstration of how they use it in this circumstance to pay for your free gift:

Who? Spends Receives
You £0.00!
(Complete a free trial offer!)
A Free iPod Touch or iPod Nano!
FreebieJeebies Buys your Free iPod with the advertisers money Keeps the left over money after buying and sending your gift!
i.e. Lovefilm, Blockbuster
Pays FreebieJeebies for each person that completes thier offer Gets 7 potential customers who have just tried their service!
(Much cheaper and more effective than a TV Advert campaign!)

Free iPod Testimonies

A few of the visitors who signed up to FreebieJeebies after reading this website have sent in some proof pictures and feedback upon receiving their free iPods...

"I can't believe it! My free ipod touch came this morning in the post! It actually worked, I now have a free ipod touch without having to pay a penny for it!" - Brian L. (London, UK)

"This is INCREDIBLE! I just received my biggest freebie haul to date, I got a 2 x iPod Nanos, an iPod Touch and a PS3 all for FREE! Can't thank use enough for showing me FreebieJeebies!" - Suzy D. (Michigan, USA)

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